When you take the boat from Ban Phe to the village harbors (Na Dan), you can walk to Hat Sai Kaew beach, Ao Phai beach or Ao Phut Sa beach, it’s about 1.5km from Na Dan or you can take the local taxi (Songtheaw) to get there in case of you plan to go father down, take many luggage or backpacks.

Set fares for transport around the island from Nadan are posted on a tree in the middle of a square in front of the Na Dan harbors. The list below shows the fee to get to each of beach on Samet Island; 15B(taxi) + 100B to charter for Hat Sai Kaew beach, 20B + 150B to Ao Phai beach or Ao Phut Sa beach, 30B + 200B to Ao Wong Deuan beach or Ao Phrao beach, 40B + 300B to Ao Thian beach and + 400B to Ao Wai beach, 50B + 500B to Ao Kiu Na Nok beach.

There are trails from Ao Wong Deuan beach all the way to the southern tip of the Samet Island, and a few cross-island trails as well. All are heavily rutted and the ones toward the southern tip of the island may be overgrown from disuse. Taxis will make trips to Ao Phrao beach when the road isn’t too muddy.

There are bike motorcycles can be rented in Na Dan or near Ao Phut Sa beach for about 400B per day. You can get around Samet Island by motorcycles.
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